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Clay Novak

Keep Moving, Keep Shooting - Novel by Clay Novak

Keep Moving, Keep Shooting - Novel by Clay Novak

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Keep Moving, Keep Shooting - Novel by Clay Novak

An exhilarating & fast paced novel written by Clay Novak, a long-time Phantom Member. Each book is autographed by Clay just for us! 100% of proceeds from the sale of the book goes towards Phantom Airborne Brigade.


Book 1 of the Terry Davis book series

Combat Veteran Terry Davis traded a life of adventure and violence for the quiet of the Midwest prairie. But when he catches wind of a potential terror threat to the country he swore to protect as a young man, his instincts make it impossible to stay on the sidelines.

Dusting off his years of training and experience - and his guns - to protect himself, his loved ones, and his nation, the aging warrior winds up in Tampa, making friends and meeting enemies along the way. As the threat slowly takes shape and reveals itself, Terry relies on the smarts and skills that kept him alive through years of combat.

Yet the threat is much bigger than he realized, and he’s not sure who he can trust. The one thing he knows for sure is that if he wants to stay alive, he needs to Keep Moving, Keep Shooting.

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